The Plega Electric Adjustable Beds are designed to bring you the ultimate in rest, relief and support. At the touch of a button, you can electrically elevate your back and legs to different positions, making the one-third of your life that you spend in bed, much more comfortable. Whether for health, sleep or increased mobility, you will never want to sleep on anything else.


Back Lift Adjustable Beds

Having a meal in bed, watching television, reading or just need to elevate your back?
Easy, at the touch of a button you can electrically lift your back to any position.
With the Plega Back Lift Adjustable Bed you can effortlessly adjust your back to any position you desire. This is the ideal product for you If you do not need separate legs adjustment function.
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Fully Adjustable Beds

The Plega Fully Adjustable Bed can easily positioned to follow the shape of your body. The two, top of the range powerful motors helps you to individually adjust the head and legs to any position you desire.
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Hi-Lo Adjustable Beds

The Plega Hi-Lo Adjustable Beds with electric elevation of both the head and leg section and also a Hi-Lo function for carers, are ideal for both Nursing Homes or Home Use. These beds come in both a powder coated, steel frame finish, or a home style base. With options that include side-rails, overhead grip handles and waterproof mattress protectors, the Plega Hi-Lo Adjustable Beds can be easily adapted for any enviroment.
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Adjustable Bed Accessories

The Plega Beds Accessories have been designed specifically for adjustable beds to further extend the comfort, safety and every day functionality they provide.
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