PLEGA Chairs

The Plega Lift & Recliner Chair is electrically operated with an optional built-in Massage Therapy Unit. Our chairs offer maximum comfort and convenience to those suffering from mobility problems.


Waverley Lift Chair

The Plega Waverley Lift Chair is primarily designed for people who suffer with some form of mobility concern that impedes them actually standing up and getting out of their favourite arm chair. What we have tried to do is combine the aesthetic appeal of ones conventional recliner, but with the great physical benefit of being able to make the chair do a lot of the lifting for you.
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Waverley Petite Lift Chair

The Plega Waverley Petite Lift Chair is Plega’s smallest chair on the market. It will suit people of a smaller stature or looking to save space in a smaller room. As our population ages we tend to loose a few inches in height with the shrinking of the spine. And as we downsize with age our space becomes a premium.
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Waverley Grande Lift Chair

With its powerful 200kg Lift Mechanism the Plega Waverley Grande Lift Chair is the largest and strongest in its class.
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Lift Chair Accessories

The Plega Chairs Accessories have been designed specifically to complement and to extend the functionality of your Electric Lift Chair.
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Having the advantage of being the manufacturer, we can always provide you with further options and special accessories that you may need, – accessories that you’ll not find anywhere else.

For further details call Plega on 1800 648 648 or send an enquiry.